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+Predicting NBA Success
Using STATS LLC as a data provider and temporary subject matter expert, we examined which NCAA basketball players over the last 20 years would have success in the NBA. Using only season total box score data along with player grades of A-D (assigned by STATS), we were able to determine with 75%-92% accuracy (depending on position) the appropriate classification of player in the NBA. This type of analysis lends itself to making more informed decision come draft day!
+Agent Analytics
Working with an NBA Agent, we applied various analytical techniques to determine any areas in a player's game that needs further investigation or explanation. In one particular example, we gathered all play-by-play data for a specific player (and his team). Using this information, we determined how efficient the team was with the player either on or off the court. In addition, we binned all play-by-play data into minutes to determine exactly when the team is more efficient (regarding if the player is on or off the court). Below is a snapshot of one example explored (Opponent's Points/Minute). The blue (above the zero line) represents when the opposing team scored more points/minute when the player was ON the court and the red represents the opponent scoring more points/minute when the player was OFF the court.
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