+Daily Fantasy Optimizer
If you play any type of daily fantasy (DraftKings, FanDuel), then you have to check out our Daily Fantasy Optimizer! This revolutionary tool will assist you in optimizing your lineup and maximizing your profit! We built it for full user control - you can add anyone you want to the roster, blacklist any player, blacklist all players on a given team and even change the current projections for each player. Once you are good to go, push Optimize and the algorithm will do the rest! It will make sure your remaining spots are filled with the best possible combination of players that maximize your points while staying under the salary cap.

Didn't like the answer provided? No problem - makes some changes and run it again. Then again. And again! Every time you run the Optimizer, you are running a high-powered algorithm at your fingertips. Thousands of lines of code and an answer returned to you in seconds. We understand projections change, players get injured, life happens - that's why we adapt instantly - no more relying on another fantasy website's optimal lineup (plus everyone else is using it)!

See for yourself why Tommy G (@TommygDFS) - a seasoned and experience daily gamer - said "Holy $@!7! This thing is AWESOME!" within the first two minutes of using our previous version known as AskMax!
+Next Man Up plays every game 50,000 times to analyze each team's chances of winning and determine individual performance. That's great if every player is playing that was expected to play. What if you hear from the grapevine that Peyton Manning has decided to sit today's game? You already have him in your lineup and you need to know how that affects the other Denver Broncos players. No problem – we've got you covered!

The Next Man Up tool allows you to sit any player in any game. Simply press the “Re-Simulate” button and in one second we will re-simulate the game 50,000 times to determine how each individual's performance will change with that particular player sitting. No longer do you have to wonder how Brock Osweiler and the other Broncos will do – we'll just tell you instantly! This truly revolutionary and unique capability will provide you the competitive edge in Daily Fantasy never thought possible!
+Custom Projections Tool
Every fantasy site, including us, provides you with their projections for every player that day/week. Some sites are very good, others average, and some only specialize in certain positions. Have you ever thought to yourself – “I know what drives player's projections up and down – I just don't have the time to apply my formula to every player”? Worry no more – we've made the process extremely simple for you to create your own projections for hundreds of players every day in a matter of seconds!

Our Custom Projections tool allows you to select attributes related to two major components of what makes up a projection – a base value and custom adjustments. The base value allows you to start somewhere for every player (most people simply use a player's average fantasy points scored for that season). We allow you to select any range of games and even prioritize which ranges are more important. So if you want to use their season averages, but only as part of the equation, you can combine that with PredictionMachine's own projections.

Once the base value is calculated, you can then select custom adjustments that change this value by a unique percentage for each player. Perhaps you know that the Vegas Totals has a drastic effect on player performance. Simply select this option and every player is adjusted the appropriate amount depending on the current Vegas Totals for that player's team.

Now the best part – simply save this projection set and we will update it every day for you. You don't have re-enter values, players, teams, etc. on a daily basis – we take care of that hard, tedious work for you! Need to make tweaks? Go for it. We'll update it instantly! Want more than one custom set? Sure! Make a hundred! Now's your chance to find the ultimate formula to project individual performance for every player in any sport!
+Winning Lineups/Strategies
Ever played in a DFS contest and wondered what it was the other participants did differently than you to win? Sure, you can visit the major sites (DraftKings, FanDuel) and view individual performance, but that doesn't help you when there are 10,000 participants. Also, maybe you want to track the mob mentality from day to day. Or maybe you just want to know what the perfect lineup would have been for yesterday's contest. No worries – we've got a portfolio of pages and information that gives you inside information never seen before. We calculate every player's actual results, how they rank among others and what the perfect lineup would have been. In addition to DFS players, we calculate the actual athlete's points and determine how they rack and stack with everyone else, including their true value in yesterday's contest. We go a step further and investigate player usage or ownership percentages. We'll even calculate usage of position at the Flex or Utility spots. Not enough? Ok – we calculate the average dollar spent at every position among winning lineups. Still not satisfied? We throw in player/team performance with regards to Vegas consensus lines and totals. Still more? We constantly add new analysis as we think of it – so you'll be prepared to find that hidden gem or extremely valuable player that no one else sees!
We've all seen basketball shot charts out there - but it's always about what others want to show us (or that night's game). We've taken the time to develop a fully interactive version of the NBA shot charts. Now you can filter on seasons, opponents, shot types, time left in game, players, and much more. We are constantly adding more filters to drill down even more specific shots. Check our our NBA Shot Chart Tool!

More of a football fan? No problem - we did the same thing for NFL. That's right - you've never seen something quite like this before! You can now filter any type of football play out there. Look at passes, rushes and receptions! Filter on down, quarter, location, time, yardage, so much more! We can now see if Peyton Manning was really avoiding Richard Sherman.
+Mock Draft Simulator
Our Mock Draft Simulator was used in the Mock Draft World Championships prior to the 2014-2015 NFL season. Users could draft against 11 computer teams to organize their dream team! Thousands upon thousands of drafts were completed and every is competing for the money prize at the end of the season! For those not looking to participate in a pre-determined draft structure, we created the Custom Mock Draft Simulator to allow people to input whatever league settings fit their personal league and could practice for the real draft! We plan on expanding the simulator to all sports - even collegiate! Keep on the look out!
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