+Live Odds
We provide Live Odds from some of the top Sports Books in the world. Our changes are instantaneous to ensure that you are getting the most up-to-date information possible! We have also included live Bet Percentages so that you know which way the action is moving - maybe you like to bet against the public! Finally, we also offer valuable gameday information such as matchup, arena/stadium, field types, roof types, referees and even the latest weather forecast! Currently we provide odds for NFL and NBA - more sports to come!
+BetAnalyzer Auto
Our BetAnalyzer is a new search tool to hit the market that provides untold potential! Part of our Analyzer is automated. What does this mean? We automatically search this week's games (NFL and NBA currently) and provide you with tons of information related to the matchup. We display records for each team Straight Up (win/loss), Against the Spread (for bettors) and even Over/Under (Totals). We split these into categories such as Home/Away, Head-to-Head, vs. Conferences and even vs. Divisions. Now you know how CLE and CIN have done the past year in every situation. Don't want to look just one year? No problem - look 15 years - it updates instantly!

Not only do we provide the record for each situation, we show you the individual games that make up the record. You can see who played, what the score was, the spreads, the totals and the results - all in one screen. Finally, we search hundreds of possible situations and quickly show you the most profitable system over time. We provide the fancy graphs to show you what your profit would have been had you bet that specific strategy over time. Again, hover the dots and we'll show you exactly which games made money and which ones stripped your pockets.

Check out both the NFL BetAnalyzer and the NBA BetAnalyzer
+BetAnalyzer Custom
We can automatically search information about every matchup individually, but what if you want to test out your own winning strategies? Of course you can - now with BetAnalyzer Custom! You now have direct access to our entire NFL and NBA database that goes all the way back to 2000. We've collected information on every game to include matchup, venue, spread, schedule, officials and even weather. You can select any query for any dates and instantly receive the historical results matching that query.

Have you ever wondered how the Bengals (CIN) have done when they were Favored as the Home Team in every regular season game from the 2000 season to 2013 season? Well, in a matter of seconds you would know they have an ATS (Against the Spread) record of 25-33-4. The Under has a record of 36-26-0. So, if you were betting on the Bengals the last 15 years, you would be down over 10 units! Then you tell me they are a different team now - ok - let's adjust the date to start in the 2012 season. Their record is now 8-3-1 against the spread - very profitable!

Save your system for future reference too! You can save hundreds of systems and see how they develop over time. In fact, we will update your system results as the season unfolds so you get up-to-date information! Want more? Sure - we will even alert you if an upcoming game matches any of your systems so that you never miss a game again!

In a matter of seconds you could identify winning and losing strategies to help you every day! We include tons of filters such as team information, schedule information ( weekday, week, month, etc.), line information (spreads, totals, bet%s, etc.), stadium info (stadium, roof type, field type, referees, etc.) and weather information (temperature, humidity, windspeed, etc.). As we get more data, we add even more filters! So, check out our BetAnalyzer for NFL or BetAnalyzer for NBA and devise your best winning strategy!
+Our Model Picks
Our Daily Model Picks are back! We had great success with NBA the last few years we decided to also apply it to the NFL. Our NBA results have hovered around 60% over the past few seasons. In 2012-2013 we were lucky enough to hit 72%. Last year was a "down" year with an accuracy of 53%. We ran some historical models for NFL over the past 5 seasons - we saw an average of 55.52%. In the gambling world - this means you are making money!

Our models are developed based on the mathematics behind Artificial Neural Networks. In fact, you can read an article that explains how Neural Networks Were Applied To NBA Games. We run our models twice daily to keep up with any changes in spreads that might occur. Why don't we run it more? Our models are so sophisticated that it takes hours to run a single instance. We are intelligently combing through 80 quindecillion possible combinations of statistics to obtain the optimal model!

Our NBA Model should go live on Thanksgiving 2014 - keep an eye out!
+Custom Simulator
Want to Run Your Own Neural Network? Sure! What??? Yes - you can now pick what stats YOU think will lead to a successful model and we'll do the hard work for you. In fact, we've automated the process so that once you submit the games, spreads and stats that you want to include in the model - you can expect a result back within minutes! This never before seen capability allows you to have complete control while we take care of the complex mathematical mumbo jumbo! The reviews are already a hit with people creating their own winning models every week!
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