What We Do

+Team Consultation
Perduco Sports supports teams at all levels with industry leading talent to provide new insight into your franchise. This ranges from Front Office support (Scout Scheduling, Aggregate Scout Scoring), Franchise Analytics (Forecasting Game Attendance, Vendor Scheduling, Ticket Sales), Player Evaluation (College, International, Professional), Team Strategies (Tendencies, Patterns, Assessment) and much more. We provide customized analysis and tools to meet your organization's specific objectives.
+Web-Based Fantasy Support
Perduco Sports supports the daily fantasy player. We partnered with PredictionMachine to create a state-of-the-art Daily Fantasy analytics website. This new site brings up to the minute analysis for every sport. Utilizing PredictionMachine.com's coveted player and team projections, our tools will turn the average user into an instant professional! You'll never see fantasy sports quite the same after being immersed in our analytics and tools!
+Predictive Analytics
Ever wonder who will win tonight or who will cover the spread in tomorrow's game? We don't! With our sophisticated algorithms based on Pattern Recognition, Artificial Neural Networks, Data Mining (and few new ones of our own), our team of statisticians allow us to sit back and watch the dollar count rise! We have teamed with Sports Betting Professor to bring an all-new, fully interactive website to the user. You can search NFL and NBA games since 2000, view various strategies for maximum profits and receive our daily picks of winners/covers. You can even try our new tool that is shocking the world - it allows ANYONE to run our sophisticated prediction algorithm at the touch of a button! Since our launch in September 2014, both the NFL model and NBA model finished with a 54% accuracy. Don't miss out any longer and visit SportsBettingSimulator.com!
+Business to Business
We are always looking for good companies to partner with and do good work. In the past, we have partnered with other sports companies that do analytics, data collection or even represent players to add more tools and data to their negotiation arsenal. We strive to provide meaningful insight that directly benefits organizations. If you are interested in partnering with us, please Contact Us!
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